The typical usage is that you feed the machine with cards at random order. The Duplimate deals the cards into the board and it also prints hand-records with makable tricks (or contracts), optimum contract and the actual results (if available).


When there is no room for error, there is need for a Duplimate. We have an outstanding record of building reliable card dealing machines.

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You have a choice between several models. There are models that can process any deck of cards, but for maximum throughput and security you will need barcoded cards and also the boards that fit into the machine.

The machine comes with a comprehensive software package, covering everything from dealing to analysis, scoring and presentation in various forms, e.g. complimentary web site for the results. The new Duplimate Mk V is covered by five (5) years guarantee and there is also a 12 months customer satisfaction (or money back) warranty. c.f. warranties.

Prices vary from country to country. You can download EUR prices here. Please enquire for prices for other areas/currencies.

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