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Read this before upgrading

- new BOS package (for PRIM versions of Bridgesorter and Duplimate)

old BOS package (for older versions of Bridgesorter and Duplimate)



Quickstart for Duplimate Mk V'

  1. Manual for Duplimates > 1699 (the most recent version)

  2. Old manuals Duplimates

  3. - How to change bands (>1000), c.f. video clip

  4. - How to change bands (<1000), c.f. video clip

  5. Service instructions



  1. Duplicating (Mk V')

  2. Changing bands (Mk 4.3)

  3. Maintenance (1) (Mk4.3) when changing bands

  4. Maintenance (2) (Mk 4.3)



Support & guidence

  1. Hands from championships

  2. TOPS™ deals


The play of the hands in recent championships can be found on for example BBO and Swan

Note that BBO files can be imported into the Duplimate system for duplication, analysing, printing, etc.



Various files can be downloaded from the Library

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