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The text below is an excerpt from a memo written by the Duplimate support crew.

We suggest that you start by watching the video that shows the modern way to run a session with our dealing machines.

The Duplimate folder is not 100% up to date but it is still relevant as regards the possibilities that a Duplimate would give you.

Then download the demo of the software.

We do not think that you will need to read the manual, but you might be of a different opinion.

Finally we suggest that you should note the generous warranties. Note that price and cost is not the same thing and that you are encouraged to make a Total Cost of Ownership calculation.

This document was last edited by the Duplimate Support crew in March 2018. You may contact Duplimate support (also before purchase) if you need technical help (and/or answer to technical questions). But note that business-related questions must be put to Jannerstens' as we at support cannot charge/quote anything.

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